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Welcome to e-Node's website

e-Node is the worlwide 4D plugin publisher.
Also distributes 4D product line and PDF software.

+ 4D plugin forums

4D plugin forums are now open! Use them to share ideas and advices, for technical support and to communicate with e-Node's engineering.

- 4D plugins general forum
- AreaList Pro & PrintList Pro developer forum
- SuperReport Pro developer forum
- CalendarSet developer forum

+ AreaList Pro v9.9

New features, fixes and improved compatibility with 4D v14.
Support of the new e-Node Online registration system: this optional registration removes the need to retrieve the serial information or machine ID from the end user setup.

- AreaList Pro
- AreaList Pro developer reference
- AreaList Pro Current Version Release Notes

+ PrintList Pro v5.2.2

Named formats ("|format") are supported.

+ e-Node Partner 2015 licenses now available

This license matches 4D's annual Partner subscription and covers AreaList Pro, SuperReport Pro, PrintList Pro, CalendarSet and Internet ToolKit.

A single registration key allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, except merged) on all 4D Standalones and 4D Servers (2 users) provided by your 4D Partner license. No merged applications. This is a yearly license, which expires on February 1st (same date as your 4D Partner licenses).

The expiration only affects interpreted mode. Compiled applications using an obsolete license will never expire.

+ SuperReport Pro v3.2 released

The most popular printing tool for 4th Dimension has been updated to this major release, including many new features, changes and fixes.

Main new features in version 3.2
- The Developer Manual and the User Guide have been entirely redesigned
- Table footers (including when printing AreaList Pro areas)
- "Dash" style property for dotted lines (line pattern)
- Many changes regarding Page setup (see release notes)
- SR_GetObjectsByPropertyValue to get all object numbers having the specified property set to the specified value
- SR_AbortPrinting to abort printing from a SuperReport Pro script
- SRP_Report_Scale to scale the report independently from the printer driver - previous SRP_Report_Scale renamed to SRP_Report_Zoom
- New Font selection dialogs/menus on MacOS
- Support for getting the device name from the platform specific page/job setup
- Multi-page reports design
- Removed constants which are present in SRP Object Properties or SRP Style Properties from other themes
- German localization
- Support for reordering the objects (print order)
- Improved 4D v14 support

See the SuperReport Pro v3.2 release notes for details.

SuperReport Pro v3.2 is a free upgrade from v3: existing 3.x licenses will activate version 3.2.

- SuperReport Pro
- SuperReport Pro Current Version Release Notes

+ AreaList Pro v9.8

New features, fixes and improved compatibility with 4D v14.

- AreaList Pro

+ PrintList Pro v5.2

New features, fixes and improved compatibility with 4D v14.

- PrintList Pro

+ AreaList Pro v9.7

Many new features and a New entirely redesigned Manual.

- AreaList Pro
- AreaList Pro developer reference

+ Internet Toolkit v3.5

Compatible with MacOS X 10.9 Mavericks.
Now included into the e-Node Partner license at no extra cost.

- Internet ToolKit

+ Second plugin license set for 4D v14 - 50% discount

With the release of 4D v14, many developers will continue using their current environment while testing v14 and sometimes waiting for a future subversion.
Regular plug-in licenses (single user & server) are linked to the 4D serial number, therefore you will need an additional license set for your v14 single user and/or server(s).
A 50% discount is available on this second set of licenses, provided that you already have a license for a previous version of 4D, for each v14 license to purchase.
Enter the code "v14" under the "Promotion code" field when ordering from our website.

PrintList Pro is an easy-to-use tool for printing arrays and records on 4th Dimension layouts. As with AreaList Pro, PrintList Pro provides capabilities not available in native 4D, such as automatic column sizing, custom formatting, robust break level processing, calculated columns and more. PrintList Pro is the perfect complement to the AreaList Pro best seller plugin, providing a full-featured plug-in which can be used to print columns of data. You can use PrintList Pro for any standard columnar output (arrays or fields, calculated columns) and it be configured to easily print an AreaList Pro object - retaining all formatting features. Version 5.x is a full rewrite including Unicode mode, compatibility with AreaList Pro v9, 4D v11, v12, v13, v14 and above, with exciting new features.

PrintList Pro

Let your users create and edit their own reports without having to modify your 4D code or recompile your application. SuperReport Pro is the most powerful reporting tool for 4th Dimension. With over 50 developer routines, a full-featured developer API, enhanced user interface, enhanced HTML interface and web integration, SuperReport Pro is not your ordinary columnar reporting tool, it is a full-featured reporting solution for any application.   In addition, SuperReport Pro has been enhanced to provide greater flexibility when creating custom scripting interfaces, allow developers to install global callback interfaces and includes over 20 new wrapper routines to provide a foundation for improved report customization. Version 3 is a full rewrite, fully compatible with the previous API as well as the current Unicode and XML standards, with a new property-based API similar to AreaList Pro v9.

SuperReport Pro